Friday, April 11, 2014

Ready To Go

Spring has arrived and it's time for fly fishing.  Me and Jr are heading to Shenandoah for a day out. Can't wait to go.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tis February

I'm still here.  Really no changes since Thanksgiving except I'm now working at the Pentagon.  Zena is plugging away at school and Innes Jr is waiting to go to boot camp this August.  It's been really cold with moderate snow.  I'll start updating this blog more often.  Today I took Innes Jr to a small garden center in DC.  Jr has been asking about getting a Banzai tree so we took the plunge.  Here it is coming home.  It's a Sweet Plum tree which is popular with beginning Banzai enthusiasts. See you soon.

Friday, November 29, 2013


I love Thanksgiving because it means not having to do anything except eat, drink and relax. We were going to cook Crab Cantonese for Thanksgiving but getting crab this time of year is difficult. Instead we just roasted a 7lb roaster chicken instead of turkey. Innes Jr prepared and cooked it and did a great job. It turned out juicy and very tasty. Pictures

Zena and Cleo on Thanksgiving Day.  Zena is doing very good in school but she really needed a break from school. I love her dearly and will do anything for her.
El Chicken. Innes Jr cooked this to perfection.
This is what we use the chicken carcass for, chicken soup in the making.
I've been busy at night. It's good to be back.
As a present to myself I bought a new fly rod. It's an 8wt Sage VXP that can fling heavy flies with ease. Don't ask me how much it cost.  
Paired it with a Lamson Guru reel and Rio Gold fly line. This is the Cadillac of fly rod setups. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cat Tricks

Well I'm back at home and back to my old habits. I'm really enjoying myself but still working out like a mad man.  If you want to come by let me know. I'll pay airline fare.
The bar is stocked and open for business. Tonight it's Lady's Night; no cover or three drink minimum.
Tying flies and prepping to go fly fishing. Good times. Enjoy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

End of Mission

Well, the time has come for me to end my job here in Kandahar. It's been frustrating and tough but I actually hate to go. I met a lot of good Afghans who are working hard for a better life but it's a slow uphill climb for them. I won't tarnish this post with any bad comments but will say that Kandahar is the capital of Pashtunistan and things operate very differently here than other parts of Afghanistan. Kabul is an island and they have little knowledge of Kandahar and how Kandaharis' run this place. Politics, tribes, rich and poor; this place has many boundaries and nothing is going to change that. No matter what we do or how much money we pour into this place, it will remain the same. Life here is brutal, short and nasty and the Afghans fully accept that. Personally I have a hard time with that because little kids take the brunt of the hardship but that's just the way it is.  
 Anyways I should be back in Virginia by 1 Nov, take some leave and crawl into a bottle of scotch for a bit. I miss drinking scotch and relaxing in my chair. Nothing better to end a day, good or bad.  I'm probably going to get a Pentagon job and become another cubithian but I will retire within one year and start another life. I'm thinking about hitting the road for a long time but that's another decision for another time. Enjoy some random pictures.

My empty rack.  Time to move on.
I'll miss moving around the city in these things.  They're a little too big but will keep you safe.
My boys.  Took me everywhere and were always ready for anything.
Shirley, always took care of me and never let me out of her sight.
My translator Younas.  Younas was my last translator and worked out very well.  He was well educated, held no grudges and liked the work. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

Bye, for now.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outdoor Work

Been a little too busy to update this blog so thought it was time.  We've been spending a lot of time in the city visiting provincial officials.  I'm not really sure how much help we are but we always try to help.  Some pictures of our visit to the Public Health Facility.  Health is not what I'm responsible for but I have a friend from USAID who needed to go so we planned a trip for him.
Getting ready to go.  
Got stuck in traffic.  Not good.
We got blocked in by someone who abandoned a car in front of us to keep us from moving.  Some guy was yelling "OBAMA'S SONS ARE HERE!!" trying to get everyone spun up.  The place cleared up pretty quick so me and Greg got out and started walking back while the vehicles backed up.
(L-R) my sidekick Kip, Me, Dr from USAID, Afghan guy, Team Medic Greg
Lunch. Turkey, dumplings and big bread.  It was great food.  I love Afghan food.  
The guy who runs the library.  Not sure what I'm doing.
I bought this rug the other night.  It's silk and hand wove.  Don't ask me how much it cost.  I'll add it to all the other stuff I've bought over the years.  One day I'll have a big yard sale and clear everything out.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.