Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outdoor Work

Been a little too busy to update this blog so thought it was time.  We've been spending a lot of time in the city visiting provincial officials.  I'm not really sure how much help we are but we always try to help.  Some pictures of our visit to the Public Health Facility.  Health is not what I'm responsible for but I have a friend from USAID who needed to go so we planned a trip for him.
Getting ready to go.  
Got stuck in traffic.  Not good.
We got blocked in by someone who abandoned a car in front of us to keep us from moving. The place cleared up pretty quick so me and Greg got out and started walking back while the vehicles backed up.
(L-R) my sidekick Kip, Me, Dr from USAID, Afghan guy, Team Medic Greg
Lunch. Turkey, dumplings and big bread.  It was great food.  I love Afghan food.  
The guy who runs the library.  Not sure what I'm doing.
I bought this rug the other night.  It's silk and hand wove.  Don't ask me how much it cost.  I'll add it to all the other stuff I've bought over the years.  One day I'll have a big yard sale and clear everything out.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 


  1. Hey I am stationed at Camp Humphreys and looking for info on fly fishing Korea. I ran into a forum with you offering some advice. If you don't mind, could you point me in the right direction for catching some Lenox or cherry trout? I have my gear so mainly looking for location and possibly using the river fly guide you mentioned. What are his rates and have you went with him. Which gate is the shop near. I am interested in a new rod. Sorry about the random questions but I appreciate the help.

  2. Hi Mike, I posted a reply on the North American Fly Fishing forum. Let me how it works out. Good luck. SF